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Poultry & Eggs

Free-range chicken and fresh eggs

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our chickens are frozen fresh on harvest day. They get fresh grass 2x a day and are processed on our farm.

5 pack- Pasture raised Chicken

5 of our whole pasture raised chickens for a discount!

Pasture raised Eggs

Our chickens are moved on pasture all summer and free ranging all winter.

Callahan Farm Eggs - The freshest eggs around!

One dozen of the freshest eggs around. Free to enjoy the sunshine and adventure into the outdoors, Callahan Farm hens...

Callahan Farm Pastured Chicken

Callahan Farm raises meat birds outdoors - without chemicals, antibiotics, etc. Clean food is the Callahan Farm...


3 Pastured Fresh Frozen Chicken appox 3-4 lbs each = $45

Quail Eggs Non-GMO

Quail eggs are considered a superfood packed with an abundance of nutrients! Both beautiful and very tasty. Quail...

Duck Eggs Non-GMO

Larger than your typical chicken egg, duck eggs are both beautiful and very tasty. Rich and creamy, duck eggs are a...

Heritage Chicken Eggs Non-GMO

Delicious fresh eggs from our wonderful variety of chickens, rainbow dozen guaranteed. All 100% Non-GMO fed and...

Free-Range Eggs

Yes, they even Free-Range in the Winter if they want to.

Certified Organic Eggs

Fresh eggs Certified Organic by USDA and Vermont Organic Farmers. Fed only on our special mixture of locally grown...

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