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Honey, Syrups & Sauces

Local honey, maple syrup, other syrups and sauces

Amber Maple Syrup

Our amber maple syrup is made from maple trees tapped on our four acre maple plot, which has been bird-friendly...

Dark Maple Syrup

Our Dark Maple Syrup is made from tapped maple trees on our four acre plot, which has been bird-friendly certified by...

Very Dark Maple Syrup

Our Very Dark Maple Syrup is made from maple trees on our four acre plot. This grade is the same as the old Grade B....

Official Sauces & Marinades for Farmor Farm Pork

Farmor Farm has partnered with Higgins Hot Sauce as the official sauces and marinades for our pork! Available in...

Applesauce: Maple Cinnamon

Applesauce from our farm's organic heirloom apples with some Brookfield Bees Maple Syrup and cinnamon

Kiwiberry Hot Sauce

One of our favorite partnerships! The second in our local fruit/veggie hot sauce series... yes we have ideas for...

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