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Support the World Central Kitchen to help feed Ukrainians fleeing home as well as those remaining in their war-torn...

Animals & Feed

Spring chickens and other farm babies, and the food to raise them

Breads & Baked Goods

Fresh-baked breads, pies, cakes, cookies, and other homemade goodies

Crafts: Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty products

Crafts: Pottery & Stoneware

Functional, decorative ceramics and stone crafts

Crafts: Wearables

Apparel, jewelry and other adornments


Milk and cheese products

Fish & Seafood

Locally fished and sourced


Gift cards and logo merchandise

Honey, Syrups & Sauces

Local honey, maple syrup, other syrups and sauces

Herbal & Floral

Spices, herbal and floral products


Fresh or dried pastas

Pet Related

Goodies for your feathered and furry friends

Plants & Seeds

Garden-ready veggies, herbs & flowers

Poultry & Eggs

Free-range chicken and fresh eggs

Prepared Foods

Ready-to-eat meals and snacks


Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

Teas, Coffees & Juices

Locally produced herbals and blends

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