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Blue Goose Farm

Blue Goose Farm

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Lamb Neck Slices

Pasture raised lamb neck slices.

Lamb Shanks

Pastured lamb shanks.

Lamb Shoulder Roast

Pasture raised lamb shoulder roast, bone-in. Hearty and delicious. You can roast it traditionally for dinner or try...

Lamb Soup Bones

Lamb soup bones. Perfect for a hearty lamb stew this fall or winter.

Leg of Lamb

Leg of lamb, bone-in. Delicious leg of pastured lamb. Perfect for a company dinner.

Pasture-run duck eggs

Jumbo, cream colored eggs from our happy, free-range ducks. Duck eggs have a higher nutrient level than chicken eggs...

Pasture-run eggs from fertile free-range chickens.

Enjoy our delicious, colorful eggs from our happy, free-ranging hens. $5 a dozen

Rack of Lamb Ribs

Whole rack of lamb ribs from our pastured lambs. Our lambs are given the best care possible and this results in a...

Raw Jersey Milk

Raw milk fresh our pretty Jersey cows. Try this creamy, delicious milk for drinking or for making your own cheese and...

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