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Floating Bridge Family Farm

We are a farm in Brookfield that has been farmed by our family since January of 1914. (107 years 1/29/1914)  Orginally paid for with Potatoes and at one time supplied NU with potatoes, moved to Dairy until I89 went through the farm taking 60 acres and dividing the farm in half.  In 2010 Theresa  brought her father home from a Nursing home and cared for him for 12 years. We started Raising Grass-fef Beef, Grass-fed raw milk, Pastured Meat Poultry & Eggs , 1+ acres of Potatoes, between 400 to 600 pumpkins, and Fall root Crops such as carrots, onions, beets, cabbage and durning the summer Theresa's cut flowers (mostly "Glads") Our produce (including Livestock) are raised on Certified Organic Land but our Grass-fed Beef is not as we sometimes have to buy feed from non Certified farms but  they follow the Organic rules and practices. We sell at both Northfield and Randolph Farmers Markets (Good and Bad Days) this is our total business as I am  partially disabled due to a accident. I have been in the Agricultural Business 64 of my 78 years. I have been a Organic Livestock Consultant in the USA, Mexico and Canada along with consulting Organic Fertilizer in these Countries. Theresa now owns the the farm (Charlie is part-time help) so she does the work. Theresa Is a real "Animal Person" who has rescued many cats and dogs and loves her two milk cows Dolly and Fancy who both have off-spring, yes we sell raw grass-fed only raw milk.

This how we price our Totally Grass-fed Beef, The USDA has a weekly Grass-Fed price list (only use once a month) they have high and low and average. Our prices are from the average.

Cooking Totally Grass-fed Beef is different then Grain-fed Beef. We will include a Tips for Cooking Grass-fed Beef by the American Grassfed Association.

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