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Farmor Farm

At the end of a dirt road, on top of a hill, Farmor Farm is far more than a farm.  It's a way of life.  Operated by Charlie & Cassie Morse, Farmor Farm grows small batches of pigs and meat chickens.  Our animals are well fed with produce cull, grain, and the truffles they discover rooting around the woods.  The opportunity to range freely benefits the quantity and quality of our pork and poultry.  We raise vegetables and herbs on terraced beds and in our hoophouse, using the rich compost our layer hens help generate sustainably.  When we're not out chasing pigs and chickens, we bake breads and pies -- savory and sweet -- and put up as much produce as we can before the snow flies.  When it does, we shift to craftier pursuits like woodworking, stitching, and other handmade products.  All the above products are available through this web site, as well as directly at our farm.  To contact us you can email chagan2011@gmail.com   call us at 802.485.8586 or follow us on Facebook.


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