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Union Brook Farm

Pasture based meat operation in Northfield VT

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Koozies for Lovers

Keep your hands warm and your beverage cold with Union Brook Farm Koozies. Nothing says I love you like a cold beer!...

Pasture Raised Chicken

these birds are moved twice daily onto fresh grass for them to munch on and fertilize.

Pasture raised Duck

Our ducks are moved on pasture twice daily, they get to forage for bugs and eat fresh grass while providing nutrients...

Pasture raised Eggs

Our chickens are moved on pasture all summer and free ranging all winter.

Pork Chops

These bone in rib pork chops are beautifully marbled with fat from our pigs who were fed a diet complimented by...

Specialty Sausages- Bacon JalapeƱo

These sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! Union Brook Farm bacon, jalapeno's, garlic and pork of...

Specialty Sausages- Green Chili Verde

These sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! The Green Chili Verde Sausage is filled with fresh paste of...

Specialty Sausages- Spicy Szechuan

These Sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! A speciality blend of rice wine vinegar, chili bean paste,...

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