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Pasture-raised beef, lamb, and pork

Pork Shoulder Roasts

Also know as Boston Butt, our succulent shoulder roasts come from free-range pigs that are grain-fed and finished...

Pork Chops

These chops are so thick they really should be called steaks! Great for the grill or skillet. They come two chops in...

Fresh Ham

This skinless, bone-in, whole ham has never been processed. He's just a handsome, fresh fella. Ideal for the...

Ham Hocks

These hefty hocks are great in the crockpot with sauerkraut or simmered in a pot of beans! They are the lower...


Fresh garlic and herbs make these smoked, brat-sized links flavorful without being too spicy.

Leaf Lard

Rich, white, creamy lard from free-range, grain-fed and produce-finished happy pigs. Roast slowly to make your own...

Grass-fed Beef

approx. 1lb ground beef 1lb . Stew Meat

Official BBQ Sauce for Farmor Farm Ribs

We have partnered with Higgins Sauce and Marinade to offer "Skillet Scrapings" as the official BBQ sauce for...

Certified Organic Pork

Certified Organic Pork products are now available. I know that many of you loyal customers have been eagerly awaiting...

Certified Organic Pork Chops

USDA Certified Organic Pork Chops

Certified Organic Pork Belly

Fresh Pork Belly, certified organic by USDA/VOF. $17/#.

Certified Organic Pork Country Style Ribs

Country Style Ribs, Certified Organic by USDA/VOF.

Certified Organic Ground Pork

USDA/VOF Certified Organic Ground Pork $12/#

Certified Organic Pork Fresh Ham

USDA/VOF Certified Organic Fresh Ham

Certified Organic Pork Hocks

USDA/VOF Certified Organic Pork Hocks

Certified Organic Beef Liver

USDA/VOF Certified Organic Beef Liver

Bulk Maple Breakfast Sausage

Perfect for sugaring season, our 5-pound packages of pork breakfast sausage with just a hint of maple will keep folks...

Certified Organic Beef

USDA/VOF Certified Organic Ground beef from our 100% grass-fed herd of heritage cattle.

Specialty Sausages- Spicy Szechuan

These Sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! A speciality blend of rice wine vinegar, chili bean paste,...

Specialty Sausages- Green Chili Verde

These sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! The Green Chili Verde Sausage is filled with fresh paste of...

Specialty Sausages- Bacon JalapeƱo

These sausages are a Union Brook Farm Exclusive product! Union Brook Farm bacon, jalapeno's, garlic and pork of...

Pork Chops

These bone in rib pork chops are beautifully marbled with fat from our pigs who were fed a diet complimented by...

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